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Moms and Dads are the most influential people in a child's spiritual development, hands down. Yet many parents feel hesitant, bewildered and ill-equipped when it comes to having spiritual conversations with their children. As a result parents have handed the bulk of spiritual training to the church, letting the professionals do their best.

But God designed the family to be the incubator of faith for a child. Within the relationship of the family children see faith lived out and demonstrated. Parents have a unique position to explain and model the nuances of a life devoted to God.

Learn more about Family Time then schedule a training.


What is Family Time?

Family Time is a fun and intentional way for parents to teach spiritual truth at home. Using the language of children--object lessons and activities, parents will plant Biblical truth in their children while developing godly character. Each age-appropriate lesson is adaptable and typically lasts 20 minutes. Leading one Family Time activity each week will create countless teachable moments and open the door for spiritual conversation in your home.


What Is Covered in a Training?

A training can last 45 or 75 minutes and can be presented to a Sunday School class, MOPS group, small group or to Awana parents. 

Part 1: Why spiritual training in the home is so important.
Parents should first understand that God has given them the influence and responsibility to shape their children’s faith. Mom and dad will have more influence on their children spiritually than any other single person.

Part 2: How to have a Family Time at home.
Family Time follows a simple outline that leaves a big impression. Parents will learn some tips to make their own Family Time memorable and successful.

Part 3: Beginning your own Family Time tradition.
Using video and live demonstrations, parents will see exactly how fun, engaging and dynamic a Family Time activity actually is. Each parent will leave with free activities to use that day and learn how they can get more activities each month.


What is the Cost for a training?

Because our trainers are local the cost is a simple honorarium. If your group does not have a guest speaker budget, often trainings can be offered for free. If no local trainer is available, we ask that travel expenses are covered. Schedule a training today.


What Real Parents are Saying about Family Time

We love Family Time and it is amazing to us how much the kids want to do it.  


We have been doing Family Time for 3 years now and think it’s a wonderful way to share and teach God’s love.  As a dad I feel confident my children will keep their faith through college and all their lives.  –James


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I have twin boys 2 ½ years old and I was super surprised when my one boy remembered what we did at the last activity.  It made an impact!  --Diana

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