Faith Legacy Series is a DVD-based family ministry curriculum that helps parents be effective spiritual nurturers in the home from birth through high school. Find samples and other materials here.

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We have been using the Faith Legacy Series since Spring 2008. We really love it for several reasons:

  • It equips the parents with resources and ideas for faith formation at home. Our parents have been crying for more resources.
  • Parents learn from each other and encourage each other to try things.
  • It helps us discover new leaders.
  • Blessings – Our congregation loves watching and participating in them and the parents love writing them. The kids beg their parents “when is my turn to be blessed in church”.
  • It continues to raise awareness in the congregation of the vital need of faith formation at home.
  • DADS! We have a great moms program already but this was an incredible way to bring dads into the the mix. They have really stepped up and are taking an active involvement in the process. 

Mary L., Director of Christian Education, Brookfield, WI

AuthorBoomer Roland