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When our daughter was 3, the bedtime routine tended to last a long time. She would sing the "thankful song", adding the names of people (and animals) she thanked God for. She tended to add all the people and animals she could remember...every night.

We deeply desired for our kids to remember how God showed his faithfulness in answered prayers. Inspired by the book Celebrations of Faith (featured on the recommended resources page) we started a Joshua Basket.

A Joshua Basket is a concept taken from Joshua 4:1-7. God had just stopped the waters of the Jordan River to allow the Israelites to cross into the promised land. God wanted his children to remember that moment. So he instructed Joshua to have the leaders take a stone from the Jordan and pile them up in a certain place. These stones were to help parents tell their children (and children for generations to come) the faithfulness of God in keeping his promises.

Each time we saw God answer a prayer we wrote a reminder on a rock and put it into the basket. Rock #1 was written in adorable 3 year old print/scribble. It says, "enough grass." We had saved our pennies and measured our backyard five times for sod. The "grass man" said we should order a little more, but we spent the money we'd saved and asked God to make it be enough. The order was perfect! We celebrated by doing the "happy family dance" in the backyard and thanked God for being good.

Rock #6 says, "keep baby safe." Our daughter wrote this when I was in the hospital with preterm labor. God is so amazingly good. One month later we had a healthy, full term baby boy.

We like to pull out the rocks and retell the stories. This is what God had in mind in Joshua 4:21, "In the future when your descendants ask their fathers, 'What do these stones mean?' tell them..."

What about your family? How do you track answered prayers? Whether you choose to journal, make a Joshua Basket or paint the answers on your wall, find a way to mark God's faithfulness to your family and tell those stories to your kids over and over again.

This article contributed by Angie Roland. She's an excellent wife, loving mother to two great kids, full time nurse and homeschool mom. She's makes us a better family.

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