When I was young my parents would gather us around the dining room table after breakfast and before the bus arrived to carry us to school. While they were reading scripture and doing their best to help us understand it, my brother and I were trying to stay awake. None of us enjoyed the experience.

Why did my parents try so hard? Because they understood God had given them the responsibility to pass spiritual truth to their children. That responsibility didn't rest on my Sunday School teacher, Senior Pastor or the camp dean. 

Deuteronomy 6:4-7, Psalm 78:1-4 and others show that God's grand plan for discipleship in the home rests on mom and dad.

That can be a huge burden. Many parents feel unequipped for that role. Making the job easier is Kirk Weaver and Family Time Training. FTT realizes that kids learn best when truth is put into their language--activity and object lessons. More than simply making learning fun, connecting truth with activity helps kids both understand and remember the lesson.

Family Time is 20 minutes of intentional spiritual training one time each week. That intentional training sets up countless teachable moments on the other days. Suddenly it becomes comfortable to ask spiritual questions and discuss spiritual matters in the home.

Check out the Resource page for an example of Family Time and a FREE Activity.

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