I heard about a church in Yuma, Arizona that has found a practical way to serve their community. For the last three years Grace Fellowship Church has offered free rides for people who have had too much to drink on New Year's Eve.

While this church isn't the only group to offer free rides to intoxicated partiers I applaud the fact they have seen a need and determined to use their resources to meet it.

“It's about taking care of the community. We aren't giving sermons,” said church member Art Gradillas. “We cherish the fact that we can be helpful. We are an avenue for getting home safely.” Read more.

Maybe your church doesn't effectively serve your community. You can begin a movement by engaging your family in service. Invite another family to join you in the fun. Before long you may just find a new ministry has germinated.

What about your family? What need do you see in your community? How might your family meet that need? Inspire others by sharing your ideas.

AuthorBoomer Roland